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The National Forensic Sciences University with the status of an Institution of National Importance is the world’s first and only University dedicated to Forensic, behavioral, cybersecurity, digital forensics, and allied Sciences. It was established by the Government of India through Act, 2020 (32 of 2020) with the objective of fulfilling the acute shortage against the increasing demand for forensic experts in the country and around the world.

Gandhinagar Campus is the first campus of National Forensic Sciences University at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The Gandhinagar Campus of the National Forensic Sciences University is running 46 courses in the eight schools namely, School of Doctoral Studies and Research, School of Forensic Science, School of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, School of Management Studies, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Pharmacy, School of Behavioral Sciences and School of Open Learning. Due to the advanced and specialized courses run by each of the schools, it currently offers only postgraduate level academic programs. Maintaining excellence in education, research, and training with appropriate facilities within this campus encourage collaborations across multiple disciplines and skillsets.

The Gandhinagar Campus - Ultramodern Campus is constructed near the DFS premises, on a government allocated land of 50,000 square meters.

The Gandhinagar Campus is headed by the Campus Director and each school is headed by the Dean and Associate Dean.

Gandhinagar Campus has the following Centers:
  • Centre for International Relations
  • Cyber Defence Centre (CDC)
  • Center of Excellence for Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS)
  • Ballistics Research & Testing Centre
  • International Centre for Humanitarian Forensics (ICHF)
  • Centre for Futuristic Defence Studies
  • Forensic Innovation Centre
  • Buddha Psychological Centre