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School of Behavioural Science (SBS) is one of the oldest schools at NFSU. The School is committed towards development of expertise and knowledge creation in the area of Behavioural Sciences. The School conducts demand driven professional courses and is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and talented pool of faculty. It is well known for imparting evidence based teaching and training in diverse fields related to behavioural and neuro-cognitive sciences such as M. Phil. in Clinical Psychology (RCI recognised), M. Sc. in Clinical/Neuropsychology and Ph.D. (Doctoral Studies). The School is engaged in imparting high standard of quality education and research in the area of human behaviour and cognition. All the programmes are taught by specialists at the forefront of research in behavioural science, and are rooted at the intersection of clinical psychology and Neuropsychology domains.  It has a rigorous focus on the cross-disciplinary theoretical, empirical, and applied fundamentals of human cognition and brain functioning. The school actively collaborates with government agencies including justice delivery and health care systems to provide consultancy services for policy planning and monitoring strategies in the field of clinical psychology, neuropsychology and behavioural sciences.