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The School of Engineering & Technology established in 2020 is an integral part of the newly formulated National Forensic Sciences University (formerly known as Gujarat Forensic Sciences University), a highly specialized and one of its kind Central University with An Institute of National Importance (INI) status under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The school seeks to contribute to peace and prosperity in the nation and world, and aims to develop global human capabilities par excellence through pioneering research and education in the domain of forensic and allied sciences. To achieve this mission, the School of Engineering & Technology has a mandate in educating highly moral and motivated students to acquire in-depth academic knowledge with technological superiority in the specific domain of forensic science, engineering and technology.

The school presently offers three unique Master’s degree programs; (i) M.Tech. in Civil Engineering (with specialization in Forensic Structural Engineering), (ii) M.Sc. in Food Technology (with specialization in Forensic Food Analysis), (iii) M.Sc in Forensic Nanotechnology (with specialization in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology) as well as Ph.D. program in such areas. The program of M.Tech. in Civil Engineering (with Specialization in Forensic Structural Engineering) has been designed to create experts with in-depth understanding of construction practices, knowledge of materials and design standards, strengthening and augmenting retrofitting techniques to improve the performance level, knowledge of legal procedures and investigation skills so as to enable them to examine any construction failure and /or performance failure to arrive at root causes. Another imperative program M.Sc. in Food Technology (with specialization in Forensic Food Analysis) under School of Engineering & Technology has been envisaged to meet challenges in food safety and remedial measures. Food safety has remained a global priority issue for every nations in the world. Food adulteration and contamination, food product counterfeiting, food poisoning and food related crime, damage to food products often related to intellectual property rights are key concerns in recent times. The M.Sc. Food Technology (with Specialisation in Forensic Food Analysis) program has been designed to produce experts with sound knowledge on Food Science and Technology and unique investigative approach to investigate factors pertaining to food crime and food contamination. Under School of Engineering & Technology, the third and innovative M.Sc. Forensic Nanotechnology program is an intensive research based master’s program to produce highly innovative individuals to pursue career in design, development and production of nanotechnology driven solutions in different sectors ranging from forensic, security, defence, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and others. In totality, internship-driven training at various industrial and academic institutions, field and site visits, involving students in consultancy works, imparting training for high end instruments and introducing them to latest technologies are envisages as an integral part of student’s curriculum for all the three programs inducted in the School of Engineering & Technology.

Faculty members are involved in specific consultancy services for multinational companies and different government bodies to solve critical challenges related to safety and security of mankind, where students are also get exposed. The School aspires to pursue interdisciplinary research to develop indigenous technologies and products in the domain of forensic investigative sciences and thus we seek to contribute to the criminal justice delivery system. Various sponsored research projects from both government and industry funding agencies are regularly getting executed under the active supervision of faculty members of this school. Further, the School of Engineering and Technology has modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure including smart class rooms, centrally air conditioned building and excellent research laboratories housing high end research and investigation based instruments.

Another thrust area of School of Engineering & Technology is to impart quality research, provide unique training programs to forensic professionals and to conduct consultancy services in the domain of Forensic structural failures, Food and Drug quality testing, particulate contamination on injection vials, nanomaterials testing. Following such goals, three dedicated centres of excellences have been established under school of engineering and technology viz., (i) Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology, (ii) Advanced Facility Center for Drugs and Food Testing, and (iii) Center of Excellence in Forensic Structural Engineering. The vibrant campus is bursting with young and energetic faculty members from diverse academic backgrounds with sound reputation and supportive administrative staff members. Distinguished professors, scientists and professionals from academia and industry are regular visitor to this school for both teaching and collaborative research activity. With its vast reservoir of talent, extensive network of affiliates and commitment to forensic and allied sciences, School of Engineering and Technology is uniquely positioned to steer education and research in directions that will benefit local, national and global communities.