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The School of Forensic Psychology (SFP), NFSU, Gandhinagar Campus, Gujarat is one of the prominent centre for learning and training in various critical aspects of Forensic Psychology domain. SFP is an epitome of knowledge and harbours outstanding achievement with a commitment to interdisciplinary research. The field of Forensic Psychology first emerged at erstwhile Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) in the year 2009 under the aegis of Hon’ble Director General Dr. J. M. Vyas, who is presently Hon’ble Vice-chancellor of NFSU and ever since then the field of Forensic Psychology has been at the forefront. The mission of the school is to empower students and professionals in Forensic Psychological Investigative Techniques and contribute significantly towards rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals, including a special emphasis on children, juvenile offenders and women. It is achieved through research by identifying the social, psychological and neurocognitive determinants of offending behaviour and evaluation of interventions and policies leading to the improvement of prison population health. Anecdotally, the domain of Forensic Psychology has grown in the past three decades. The dynamic field of Forensic Psychology applies principles of clinical and neurocognitive aspects of human behaviour in legal setting thereby offering numerous opportunities to the practitioner. Forensic Psychologists work in many different legal environments for instance writing reports and testimony, doing direct treatment or working with therapeutic communities.

The SFP aims to strengthen the justice delivery system by imparting relevant training in the methods of crime investigation, familiarity with modern investigative techniques like Suspect Detection System (SDS), Polygraph, Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature (BEOS) Profiling, Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) etc. to both students and professionals in the vibrant field of Forensic Psychology. SFP envisages that in practice the primary goal is to assess, formulate and intervenes individuals engaged in criminal behaviour. It also imbibes and provides advice and expertise to other professionals with the help of trained faculties and develops facilitates, training and knowledge in Forensic settings, all with the ultimate goal of development of a safer society at large.

The School offers both Ph.D. and three Masters programs viz., M.Phil. Forensic Psychology, M.Sc. Forensic Psychology and M.A. Criminology (with Specialization in Forensic Psychology). Additionally, Post Graduate Diploma in Cyberpsychology (PGDC) is a new addition due to the emergent need of unravelling root causes in cyber crime and online threats in and around the world. The Schools dedication to research excellence is matched by a commitment to providing outstanding training in the principles of Forensic Psychology for both post graduate and doctoral students. The doctoral program reflects our strong belief in the importance of hands-on training in the discipline, scholarly productivity, and methodological rigor. These programs are designed to educate and train students who will become responsive Forensic Psychologists deeply involved in the generation and dissemination of knowledge in settings in which research and/or evaluation are an integral part of professional services.

SFP has a dedicated unique state-of-the-art Neurocognitive-Electrophysiology laboratory quipped with equipments viz., Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature (BEOS) Profiling, Suspect Detection System (SDS), Eye Tracker, Polygraph, 128- & 64- Channel Electrophysiological Recorders and Analyzer, functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) Brain Function Therapy (BFT), Neurofeedback and more than 250 Test Batteries.

The School stewards of a legacy of academic excellence, and feel a responsibility to train the next generation of leaders in Forensic Psychology and allied Psychological Sciences. There is immense scope for developing knowledge base into specific Forensic problems and that can be achieved only through higher levels of research. The varied subject matter and unique pedagogical approach under this School inspires students to expand their understanding and perspective on the investigative and rehabilitative models of moulding incarcerated men and women towards betterment. Additionally, the School also regularly arranges for special lectures and Seminars/Webinars involving eminent Forensic experts and professionals from reputed industries which provides the necessary industry insights to our students. Further, placements for students have been lucrative in the area of Forensic Psychology. Most of our students have been placed in Government agencies like State and Central Forensic Sciences Laboratories, Delhi Police, BPR&D, DRDO and Govt./Pvt. Companies and higher studies within India or abroad.