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The School of Forensic Science (SFS), NFSU, Gandhinagar Campus is transcending with a resolute to create skilled human resource for criminal investigation through world class teaching, research, training and innovations. As the types of crimes and modus operandi of criminals are continuously changing, qualified and skilled forensic experts are need of the hour to investigate and analyse forensic evidences to support criminal justice delivery system. Owing to its highly specialized and interdisciplinary Post-Graduate courses along with online courses, SFS, Gandhinagar is an epitome of excellence in forensic education and research. Through its unique curriculum, State-of-the Art infrastructures and diverse pool of qualified and scholastic faculties, SFS caters intellectually and culturally inspired academic environment.
Currently, SFS offers two years Post-Graduate programmes in the domain of Forensic and allied sciences like M.Sc. Forensic Science, M.Sc. Forensic Odontology, M.Sc. Forensic Biotechnology, M.Sc. Toxicology and M.Sc. Multimedia Forensics. The School also runs one-year diploma programmes in core Forensic Science subjects such as Fingerprint Science, Forensic Document Examination, Forensic Toxicology, and Humanitarian Forensics. The School also runs several certificate programs. Curriculums of these courses are designed by distinguished academicians, forensic experts, scientists and industrialists of national and international repute to meet the requirements of both academia and industries. School of Forensic Science provides equal opportunities to all the students to explore its ultra-modern laboratories, instrumentation facilities and access to latest technologies used for criminal investigation. Research publications and patents are the testimony that students and faculties of SFS are actively engaged in cutting edged research in different domains of forensic and allied sciences.
School of Forensic Science has extended its academic outreach globally by collaborating with renowned foreign universities. Students, Research Scholars and Faculties regularly upgrade their skills through foreign exchange programmes and internships. SFS also harness the creative potential of students and promote their entrepreneurial skills through Students Start-Up Innovation Policy (SSIP). Apart from being hired by several national and international organizations, students of SFS are exhibiting their academic acumen by qualifying highly competitive national level examinations. Apart from rendering its services to the society through consultancies, SFS is also engrossed in imparting extensive training to In-service officers from various law enforcement government organizations from India and foreign countries.
As the motto of university is “Education through Investigation” School of Forensic Science is strengthening the investigative capabilities across the world by its unique academic programs.