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JUSTICE IS SUM OF ALL MORAL DUTY …..William Godwin         

          This school is established mainly to create professionals in the field of medico-legal sciences and other allied disciplines. The school is mandated to impart education, research, training and consultancy in the areas of medico legal and medico-social and other allied areas. This school has come into existence for the effective teaching and learning with excellent advances in human bio sciences in all the areas pertaining to the investigation of crime against individuals. This also has extended its ambit in imparting skills and knowledge with the creation of professional experts for the service to the humanity. This is accomplished through such curriculum which deals with the identification of human those are in the perils due to any unforeseen situations.  

          Primarily and conventionally, crimes are always targeted on humanity in any forms. Irrespective of the methods followed, the humanity is under physical risk. It is always a due for the humanity who has been victimized to be rendered with normalcy (wellbeing) through the justice.  So there is always a scope for the composite justice and also due rights are reserved to them. This would be facilitated through the skill and knowledge of medico legal expertise.

          They are imparted through a number of academic programs such as Toxicology which deals with the morbidity and mortality of humanity due to toxic substances.  Irrespective of the origin of such substances, there is a comprehensive solution which is made available through this academic curriculum of toxicology.  This gives solutions to such events through the advanced scientific information.

          There is another unique program named Forensic odontology which deals with the identification of the humanity which is either dead or living under the subjudice. This is a hallmark of the victim or general human identification as the robustness of the dental tissues is well proven. This is one of the most vital tissues which are resilient and also found to withstand physical and thermal stress. So the flawless estimation of age is done through these tissues. This is the reason why it has become popular for the age estimation and is part of identification protocols.

          There is another program named Humanitarian Forensics which deals with the composite knowledge and expertise of imparting wellbeing of the victims of any unforeseen situations such as disasters, war and conflicts or any condition which renders the humanity distressed, deprived and dejected. The expertise deals with the identification of the victims, facilitating the clinical, psycho social, socio cultural and socioeconomic assistance and also dignified management of the dead victims. This specialty also deals with the skills on the dignified manner of treating dead victims of any disasters or any other unlikely situations. 

          There is another humanity oriented program named Forensic Nursing which deals with the expertise of rendering and facilitating the medical, social, psychological and legal assistance to the victims of any kind of abuses. There is also a scope for imparting scientific expertise for the physical and mental wellbeing of the victims of disasters and exploitations. The forensic nursing experts are capable of dealing with the clinical, legal and psychological needs of the victims of any abuses. They would be capable of dealing with all the requisites of medico legal aspects of the victims and clinical care as the medical  experts are engaged in the medical care of number of others humanity In distress. They are capable of identifying the evidences and their importance for the administration of justice.

List of Programs offered are
  1. M.Sc Toxicology 2 years
  2. M.Sc Forensic Odontology 2 year
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Toxicology 1 year
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Humanitarian Forensics 1 year  
  5. Post Basic Diploma in Forensic Nursing 1 year