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The School of Pharmacy at National Forensic Sciences University provides highly diverse and sophisticated courses in the fields of Pharmacy, Environmental Science and Chemistry. The School has an excellent team of faculty members with a tremendous academic and research record. School is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities along with the cutting-edge modern instruments, which play a pivotal role in providing practical knowledge to the students, in addition to the theoretical knowledge imparted to them by our faculties. The students here are actively engaged in different projects under the expert guidance of our highly trained and skilled faculty members.

Programs offered and their importance:
  1. M. Pharm. Forensic Pharmacy: This program combines pharmaceutical science with your passion for criminal justice. As the pharmacists have knowledge of drug behavior, hence they specifically apply the science of drugs to legal matters which makes them superior then the forensic scientist. Highlight of this program is that the students get hands on training in advanced instrumental analysis, which is highly specialized and focussed towards the development of students as skilled pharmacists with the ability to operate modern analytical instruments used in Forensic Science as well as in pharmaceutical industries.

  2. M. Pharm. Quality Assurance [Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) approved]: This program is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of QA and QC, GMP, regulatory agencies, and documentation. The course contains the appropriate, most recent and updated information and knowledge about the quality assurance and quality control needs of the healthcare industry (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare product- food supplement, cosmetics, etc.).

  3. M.Sc. Environmental Science: This program has been intended with a curriculum covering wide array of environmental aspects with emphasis on research to solve environmental problems and develop expertise of global competence. In India, NFSU is the first and only university offering specialization in the forthcoming area of Environmental Forensics, which provides a novel opportunity by enabling students to critically evaluate issues related to environmental governance, law and sustainability, trained for efficient environmental decision-making and management, management systems.

  4. M.Sc. Chemistry: This program helps analytical chemists to use their knowledge of chemistry, instrumentation, computers, and statistics to solve problems in almost all areas of chemistry and for all kinds of industries. For example, their measurements are used to assure the safety and quality of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and water; to assure compliance with environmental and other regulations; to support the legal process; to help physicians diagnose diseases; and to provide measurements and documentation essential to trade and commerce.

Objectives behind the programs offered:
  • To impart knowledge in Pharmacy, Environmental Science and Chemistry for application in Forensic Science, Crime Investigation and allied sciences.
  • To develop the skills of students in basic and applied fields related to Forensic Science, thereby leading them towards professionalism and leadership.
  • To provide hands-on training and practical knowledge to students and develop them to carry out independent research projects in emerging areas of Forensic Science and Justice Delivery System.
  • To nurture the students so that they can utilize the skills learnt in this School in various industries as well as academia.