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The earlier avatar of the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) was the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), which was established as the world’s first, and the only Forensics University in 2009. While the university is dedicated to the study of Forensic Sciences, it was the vision of its founder Vice Chancellor, Dr. J M Vyas, to have studies in allied subjects also especially, to pursue his novel concept of ‘Preventive Forensics’. Accordingly, in 2013, the University launched a Masters programme in ‘Homeland Security & Anti-Terrorism’, which was the first of its kind in India. Taking a step further, Dr. J M Vyas took another major stride in security studies and on 1st February 2021, a dedicated department, a “School of Police Science & Security Studies” was established. The purpose of the School is to impart advanced training and boost research in the various dimensions of security and policing with substantial emphasis on modern security technologies. Presently, the school offers three academic programs - M.Sc. (Homeland Security), M.A. (Police & Security Studies), and PG Diploma in Security Studies.

Terrorism and recent violent events have brought the security dimension in sharp focus to the already existing threats to national security. Geo-Political dimensions are also changing rapidly in an uncertain and multi-polar world where the Indian subcontinent is facing increased threat of varied nature. With the rapid changes in climate, incidences of natural disasters have also become more frequent and intense. Moreover, the relative ease of access to advanced technology has led to a sharp rise in sophisticated criminal activities leading to increased threats to internal security, peace and order in the society. In the light of these developments, Homeland Security studies have a great importance as it encompasses the protection of people, services essential for their well-being and the critical infrastructure of the nation from terror attacks, natural disasters as well as major accidents, using scientific approach and technological prowess. Similarly, there is a strong need for a renewed focus in the field of Policing and Law Enforcement wherein the inclusion of modern technology will help overcome the domestic barriers and challenges in our Police functioning.

The School of Police Science & Security Studies ventures to respond to the nation’s growing security and safety issues as well as needs by exploring the academic disciplines of Homeland Security and Police Studies. The courses are designed to prepare the students to respond to the major threats and disasters by way of preparing strategy, its fool-proof implementation, refining plans, introducing technology, carrying out investigations, undertaking audits, etc., at global level, national level, industry level as well as at any organization level. The School strives to make the students skillful by imparting structured and practical training in subjects of Internal Security, Risk Analysis, Police Administration, Vigilance, Civil and Criminal Laws, Investigation & Forensics, Psychology, Cyber Security and more importantly, contemporary as well as advanced technologies to develop a holistic understanding of all the aspects of security.

The diverse subject matter and unique pedagogical approach in each academic offering under this School inspires students to expand their understanding and perspective on the contemporary problems, and prepares them to create innovative solutions and long-term strategy. Internship opportunities in the final semester and field visits to major police and security organizations, which is a regular feature of all the major academic courses under this School, provides them requisite practical exposure in this direction. Additionally, the School also regularly arranges for special lectures and seminars involving eminent security experts and professionals, which provides the necessary industry insights to our students. Overall, the students studying in the School of Police Science & Security Studies at NFSU benefit from institutional excellence, quality teaching, cutting-edge skills and advanced technologies, leading to perceptible satisfaction.