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Moto: “Train to Research - Research to Develop”.
Aim:  Aim at CFDS is to encourage and train students to convert academic studies into meaningful mission mode Research & Development work.
Vision: To see CFDS as the most Acclaimed and Acknowledged Centre for Defence Research & Development for our Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces and supporting the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar’ endeavor of Govt of India.
Objectives: To achieve the aim, objectives of CFDS are:
  1. Encourage and guide students to excel in application of knowledge following correct Research Methodology. 
  2. Encourage and help PG, PhD and Post Doctoral students to identify & exploit their core strengths, domain knowledge & skills in Defence R&D. 
  3. Encourage students to break away from traditional research domains and guide them to explore and venture in to uncommon futuristic concepts and domains. 
  4. Prepare students to accept failure as part of learning process and a necessary evil. Encourage them to 'Fail Fast’ but never be afraid of trying. 
  5. Strongly support and promote inter disciplinary synergy between various schools and Centres’ for research and execution of Mission Mode Projects. 
  6. Interface actively with Indian Armed Forces and the Defence Industry for Effect Based R&D work. 
  7. Encourage independent as well as collaborative R&D, through close Interaction between academicians, research scholars, users and the industry to evolve practical & realistic solutions for the military and industry. 
  8. Collaborate with other Centres’ of Excellence, users and industry to build expertise and knowledge base. 
  9. Emphasise development of core Technology and not only capability. 
  10. Carry out fundamental as well as applied research in critical areas. 
  11. To develop unique training programs for Armed forces personnel in the futuristic domains like Cyber-Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Warfare (IW), Network Security, Cyber Security of Embedded System Software in weapons and weapon platforms, provide Cyber Defence Centre (CDC) for cyber exercises etc.
  12. Offer Internship to students of other Academic Institutions, especially to students from pure engineering domains and disciplines not available in NFSU. 
  13. Reach breakeven point quickly to make the Centre a financially self-sustaining Centre. The revenue generation would be through academic training programs, projects consultancy, government funding or grants and donations etc.
What’s in for Students?
  1. Any student can join the CFDS projects irrespective of the course which she/he is pursuing at NFSU. However, allotment of project will be done after due process of screening and selection. The selection process would be based on domain expertise and experience, project experience and type of projects, relevant aptitude, vision, out of box thinkers etc.         
  2. Training would be given to students in different domains like cyber security, electronic warfare, drone forensics, Network Centric Warfare and various other unique domains. Endeavor would be to open unexplored domains for forensics in Para Military Forces, Intelligence Agencies, Private Industries, etc. 
  3. Use of Information Technology to support Psychology in armed forces induction, training, suitability for higher appointments, selection for important missions like Gaganyaan, tactical operations etc. 
  4. Use of IT and IoT in support of Homeland security holistically. 
  5. All the students undertaking the project work would be awarded Internship Certificate and assisted in securing job in the respective domains. 
  6. Opportunity to work in unconventional and unexplored domains. 
  7. Understand the art of Team Building and Team work. 
  8. Opportunity to work on multiple domain projects. 
  9. Personality development like how to handle work pressures, discipline, meticulous planning, time management skills etc. 
  10. Opportunity to work on challenging real life and live problems of the Armed Forces. 
  11. Help the deserving students to file patents for their intellectual works and publish their research work in high quality journals/conferences. 
  12. Guide the students towards entrepreneurship and impart necessary training.
Opportunity to do Research & Development in Unique Domains
  1. Develop new concepts and architecture for a strong cyber security base for protection of Armed Forces as well as industries.
  2. Explore developing expertise towards exploiting development and malware analysis tools.
  3. Develop distributed ledger / block chain based encryption capability.
  4. Develop dark web search capability for National Security.
  5. Develop psychological tools for Aircrew Health Monitoring System.
  6. Develop AI tools for use in Operations and Intelligence network. 
  7. Work on technology for Passive Radar and Ground Penetration Radar. 
  8. Work on Machine Learning and Al for Big Data Analytics for Armed Forces. 
  9. Build Simulation and visualization tools and Labs for advance systems. 
  10. Develop EO/IR cameras for multiple users.
  11. Collaborative Research with User, Academia and Industry for developing new technologies for operational solutions to Armed Forces Problem Statements.


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