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About the Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies (CLExT)

Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies is a unique initiative of National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU), which is established at it’s Gandhinagar Campus. The Centre aims to bring together inter-disciplinary exploitation in the field of Law and Technology; and utilize the emerging potential of technology in the legal practice. The Centre will provide a platform to new generation of lawyers, judicial officers and law students, to explore the myriad avenues in the legal field which will potentially be automated in the coming decades.

The Centre will collaborate with members from industry and start-ups in legal-tech, to showcase and impart skill based training on legal-technologies to students and legal practitioners.  The aim is to create a new breed of technology-lawyers, judges and students who are are adept in using these emerging technologies to improve the overall efficiency of the legal system. It will be achieved through a hands on approach on the use of latest combination of legal-tech, which includes online dispute resolution (ODR), e-drafting, e-contracts, and other avenues of litigation, practice and research in law.

The Centre aims to organise legal-tech literacy campaigns to ensure that the benefits of technology is evenly distributed and properly utilised by the legal system. This will be done through monthly seminars, expert sessions, conferences etc., which will host luminaries from the field of legal practice, judicial officers, legal tech experts and policy makers from Government of India and various think tanks around the globe.


  • The Centre will promote the Digital India Initiative, by imparting skill based training to law students, legal practitioners & judicial officers in using emerging technologies, enhancing their capabilities and make them future ready.
  • The Centre will enhance the Start-up India initiative through a legal-tech incubation program under the aegis of NFSU, through support by enabling creative ideas developed by law students and practitioners, to develop into a full grown product or service.
  • The Centre will deliver research guidance and support to the Government of India, and inform policy making on regulation & governance of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies (block-chain, internet of things (IoT), meta-verse, cyber-space, social-media etc.) through policy papers and research outputs.
  • The Centre will facilitate potential litigants to address their disputes electronically through state of-the-art e-clinics for legal aid established under the Legal Aid Program of the School of Law, Policy Studies and Forensic Justice (NFSU).
  • The Centre will collaborate with Industry and Academia, in the filed of law and technology, and bring them together on a deliberation platform, to foster new ideas and concepts, for improving the various services under the justice delivery system, with the main focus on reducing the overall time taken for disposal of cases in courts.

Head of Centre:

Prof. (Dr.) Purvi Pokhariyal
Campus Director, NFSU Gandhinagar



  1. Mr. Shubham Pandey
  2. Dr. Shivang Patel
  3. Dr. Rajnikant Pandya

Email Id: legaltech@nfsu.ac.in