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Centre of Excellence for Research and Analysis of Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

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The illegal drug trafficking and drug trade is an intercontinental bootleg market dedicated to the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of narcotic and psychotropic drugs that are subject to drug prohibition laws. Drug and drug concomitant problems are one of the core areas of research throughout the world. The menace has extended its shadow beyond geographical boundaries. The drug trafficking scenario in India is largely attributed to various external and internal determinant. It engenders the diverse economic and financial consequences. Gujarat Forensic Sciences University has been conferred with Centre of excellence for NDPS by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. It is a government organization established with a mission to diminish the drug of abuse cases and the total convictions in narcotic cases and to combat against the drug trafficking. It is mandate to assist several central and state agencies to react to the instability and insecurity caused by crimes like the smuggling of illicit drugs. Through research and development CoE will assist the other government agencies to bridge the gap between different forensic science laboratories by developing the database of narcotic and psychotropic substances under one roof. The latest technologies would be developed to identify designer drugs, precursor chemicals and other impurities in the illicit drugs seized by the law enforcement agencies. Through the educational campaign like seminar, conferences, workshop, CoE will educate various law agencies, scientific fraternities and other stake holders to identify current upcoming trends in drug trafficking, drug abuse cases and new challenges in their analysis leading to rapid court convictions of NDPS.

Objectives of the Laboratory

  1. To conduct research in different zones of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances to facilitate the law enforcement agencies in quick conviction of the narcotic cases.
  2. To acquaint and create expertise in scientific fraternity in the advanced areas of instrumental analysis of NDPS and designer drugs.
  3. To create state of art centralised facilities in inter-disciplinary areas of NDPS drugs analysis.
  4. To create data base of NDPS drugs to establish network between Forensic Science Laboratories and other laboratories engaged in Narcotic Drugs analysis.
  5. To create a facility for quality management system and proficiency testing programs related to NDPS drugs.