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Cyber Defence Centre

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Established by Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) at it’s Gandhinagar campus. It is a physical and virtual environment that is used for Cyber warfare training and cyber technology development. It provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security and performance of Cyber infrastructures and IT systems used by government and defence agencies.

Cyber ranges function like shooting or kinetic ranges, facilitating training in weapons, operations or tactics. Thus, cyberwarriors and IT professionals employed by various agencies train, develop and test cyber technologies to ensure consistent operations and readiness for real world deployment.


  • It supports the Digital India initiative to train and test the digital systems
  • It supports Start-up India by ensuring the security of the cyber solutions by testing and validating the products developed by there searchers.
  • This centre can also support Digital safety and security by collecting and sharing the cyber threats across the globe.
  • Security professionals work together, as one team, across multiple security domains to defend their networks, reinforcing the skills and opportunity for shared security responsibility for the company, agency or service.
  • Improve the ability to identify advanced attacks.
  • Immediately mitigate these attacks.
  • Understand the value of security technologies working together to prevent advanced or zero-day threats hitting the network through immediate reprogramming of all network sensors.
  • Exercise their ability against the most advanced attacks today across myriad scenarios, such as Advanced Persistence attacks, botnets, advanced/zero-day malware, phishing and ransomware.
Head - Prof. (Dr.) Naveen Chaudhry, Professor, School of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
Email ID: cdc@nfsu.ac.in
Coordinator - Dr. Digvijaysinh Rathod, Associate Professor, School of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
Research Associate - Mr. Kritarth Jhala
Research Associate - Mr. Darsh Patel