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Prof. (Dr.) S.O. Junare
Dean, School of Doctoral Studies
Professor Dr. S. O. Junare is forensic accountant and behavioral economist, combining insights from fraudology, economics and psychology to improve decision-making in organizations and society, often with a gender or cross-cultural perspective.

He is shouldering responsibilities as Campus Director at National Forensic Sciences University Gandhinagar and is responsible for all aspects of the University’s teaching mission and works on a broad range of academic and faculty issues, including academic planning, curriculum, Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence (SLATE), and educational technology.
His teaching focuses on Forensic Accounting, Micro Finance and Business Laws and Criminal Laws. Dean Dr Junare has diversified combination of education and talent and he earned Bachelor degrees in Commerce, Literature, Education and Law. He also possesses Master degrees in Management, Commerce and Philosophy and Doctoral Degree in Commerce and Management.
His most recent research examines role of forensic science in prevention of economic crimes design to co-relate application of forensic science in fraud investigation and prevention.
Professor Junare is a Dean-School of Management Studies; Dean-School of Forensic Science and also a Dean-School of Doctoral Studies & Research. He serves on the boards or advisory boards of Banks, Universities, Educational Institutes and the advisory board of NITI Ayog (Agriculture & Rural Development Branch) as well as numerous academic journals.  His research interest areas are Forensic Accounting, Criminal Laws and Forensic Science.

Fees: Rs. 40,000/- (Tuition Fee)/Sem + Other University Fee