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DPAA Project
The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) is a USA government agency responsible for locating, recovering and identifying the remains of unaccounted personnel, for the US-Department of Defense (DOD). DPAA’s mission is to provide the fullest possible accounting to the missing service personnel from past conflicts to their families. Within this mission, DPAA is working to account for the more than 81,800 missing personnel from World War II (WWII), the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Gulf Wars, and other recent conflicts. Their research and operational missions include coordination with hundreds of countries and municipalities across the globe.

DPAA’s mission involves historical research, archaeology, forensic anthropology, forensic odontology, laboratory analyses and other related activities. NFSU-DPAA has established a partnership by signing a MoU in order to develop academic exchanges and cooperation in teaching and research.

This project will build internal capacity upon the humanitarian recovery concept by allowing NFSU-DPAA teams to teach the specialties of their field and create unique research opportunities, student exchange and cooperatives such as forensic anthropology, forensic archeology and forensic odontology.
  • To build internal capacity upon the humanitarian recovery concept.
  • To develop academic exchanges in teaching and researches in the domains of forensic anthropology, forensic archaeology and forensic odontology.
  • To conduct joint projects and field activities of mutual interest.
Dr. J.M. Vyas-Vice Chancellor, NFSU

Primary POC and Guide
Prof. (Dr.) S.O Junare -Campus Director, NFSU

Technical POC and Co-ordinator
Dr. Gargi Jani-Project Manager, NFSU

Partner Team:
DPAA-PI Directorate