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Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Centre is inclusive of Computers with Internet facilities, together with a voluminous collection of both Electronic & Printed – Books, Journals, Paper Reviews and Articles in the domain of Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, Social Psychology, Research Methodology, Health Psychology and other Behavioural Science areas.

Buddha Psychological Centre and Hospital Postings
  1. It includes the Clinical Supervised training with Psychological Assessments, Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapies like Cognitive Behavioural  Therapies, Behavioural Therapies, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies, Dialectical Behaviour Therapies and so on
  2. Also, it is a certification centre in Gandhinagar for Learning Disabilities Certification. There assessments and psychotherapies and rehabilitations for the special populations like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autistic  Spectrum Disorders, Mental Retardation etc.
  3. It also provides psychological assessment and management for Depression, Anxiety, Neuropsychological disorders and other psychiatric disorders
  4. It functions under the trained clinical psychology licensed holder faculties who provide supervised skills and training to the students.
  5. There is a laboratory with a wide variety of tools for Psychological assessment and neuropsychological tests that can be utilized for learning, practice and research purposes.
  6. Besides, postings in Buddha Psychological Centre, students are also posted in different Hospitals including Hospital for Mental Health, Ahemdabad.

Neurocognitive-Electrophysiology Laboratory

SBS has a dedicated unique state-of-the-art Neurocognitive-Electrophysiology laboratoryquipped with equipments viz., 128- & 64- Channel Electrophysiological Recorders and Analyzer, functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), Brain Function Therapy (BFT), Neurofeedback and more than 250 Test Batteries.  Additionally, stimulus presentation softwares like E-Prime (V-2.0) and Superlab (V-5) provides necessary add on to the EEG/ERP techniques and behavioural analysis. 

64 Channel EEG-ERP Lab
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