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Teaching and Research-19 years

Dr. Astha Pandey

Designation : Associate Professor Qualification : PhD. M.Sc. PGDCAQM CCIPRIT Experience : Teaching and Research-19 years


Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology

Research Area

Analytical Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology (Narcotic drugs, Explosives, Petroleum Products, Food and Herbal products) and Fingerprints


28 Papers, “Characterization and Standardization of Neem Oil” A joint project of GFSU & GNFC (INR 9 Lakhs), funded by Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals, Govt. of Gujarat.

Research Guidance

Total Five students pursuing Ph.D. and guided more than 60 Post Graduates.


Project Details:
  1. Dr. M.S.Dahiya     Dr. Astha Pandey    Characterization and Standardization of Neem Oil GNFC GFSU/IFS/329/2017 9 Lakhs    2017-2018
  2. Dr. Astha Pandey    NA    Development of Methods for Detection of Adulterants in Asparagus Racemosus (Satawari) Plant and their Characterization by Different Methods. GFSU ,Gandhinagar, Gujarat    GFSU/SSIP/32/2018    50,000    2018-2019
  3. Dr. Astha Pandey    NA    Characterization of wild varieties of honey and standardization of methods to detect adulteration in honey. GFSU, Gandhinagar, Gujarat    GFSU/SSIP/32/2018    50,000    2018-2019
  4. Dr. Astha Pandey    NA    Establishment of Center of Excellence for NDPS, special project sanctioned under the scheme for “Assistance to State for Special Projects /Programmes for upgrading Police Infrastructure”.     MHA, GoI    F.No. 25013/43/2011-WS-III    50 Crores    2019    Continuing 
  5. Dr.Astha Pandey    NA    Analysis of Six Band Drugs (Tetrahydrocannabinol, Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine and Opiates ) of Abuse in Urine. GPSC, Gandhinagar , Gujarat     P.C.E.-2018-3464(6)     14 lakhs     2019-    2020

Awards / Honours / Achievements / Appreciation

  1. Best Educationist Award, and a "Certificate of Education Excellence" by International Institute of Education and Management on 12th August 2015 
  2. National Mahila Rattan Gold Medal Award by Indian Solidarity Council on 12th August 2015 for outstanding achievements in the field of education.
  3. International Research Ratna Awards In The Category of Nobel Scientist In Forensic Food Chemistry, 2019 For Excellence In, " Quality Assessment Of Different Brands Of Mango Juice Available In Indian Market For Carbohydrates And Acids (Ascorbic Acid) By Conventional Titration Method”  on February 26, 2019 at , Trichy, Tamilnadu by “RULA Awards” Powered by, “World Research Council” & “United Medical Council”
  4. Profile has been selected for Asia Pacific Who’s Who to be published in the year 2016 in the month of July.