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10 Years Teaching and Research Experience

Dr. Biswajit Dey

Designation : Assistant Professor Qualification : M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology), M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology), Ph. D. Experience : 10 Years Teaching and Research Experience


Clinical Psychology

Research Area

Psychodiagnostics, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Substance Addiction

Book(s) Chapter(s)



  1. Dey, B., & Singh, T.B (2019). Understanding the sensitivity of Coping Deficit Index (CDI) of Comprehensive System of Rorschach in discriminating Schizophrenia and Anxiety Spectrum Disorder and Association with Self Reported Measure. SIS Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health, Vol.26 (1), 56-62.
  2. Sanghvi, P & Dey, B. (2019). Psychological Management of Anxiety in Post Haemerrhoid surgery. Journal of Psychosocial Research, Vol 1, (1), 155-161.
  3. Dey, B., Singh, T.B., & Chauhan, A. (2018). The effectiveness of perceptual thinking index (PTI) of Rorschach comprehensive system in diagnosing schizophrenia in India: A Pilot Study. Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Vol. 44 (1), 45-49.
  4. Pandey, S., Dey, B., Vaishnav, J.D., Vaghela, M., & Dahiya, M.S. (2017). Altruistic behaviour, life satisfaction and spirituality in geriatric population living with families and old age homes. Indian Journal of Gerontology, Vol. 31 (3), 261-271.
  5. Dey, B., Singh, T.B., & Chauhan, A. (2016). The comparison of coping resources, personality styles, thought and affective patterns among patients with bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia. Indian Journal of Psychological Science, Vol.7 (1), 013-026.
  6. Panchal, M., Pathak, A. & Dey, B. (2014). A comparative study of memory function of patients with Alcohol Dependence Syndrome (ADS) and normal population (2014). Indian journal of Health and Well Being, Vol-5, Issue-9, p-1066-1068. ISSN-p-2229-5356. 
  7. Vaish, P., Dey, B., & Pathak, A. (2015). Internet use pattern, coping strategies and quality of life: Is there any relationship? Indian journal of Health and Well Being, Vol. 5 (12), 1463-1467.

Awards / Honours / Achievements / Appreciation

Two Best Paper Awards as Co-Author

Research Guidance

18 M.Phil. Dissertations and 03 M.Sc. Dissertations guided as Main Guide

Paper Presentation

20 Scientific Paper Presentations as main author and co-author in National level Conferences and Seminars


  1. Professional Affiliation to Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). CRR: A-20699 as a Clinical Psychologist.
  2. Lifetime Professional Member (PLM 517/16 ) of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists