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5 Years

Dr. Neelkant Verma

Designation : Assistant Professor Qualification : M.Sc. Forensic Science, UGC NET-JRF (2013), Ph.D. Experience : 5 Years


Forensic Biochemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Crime Scene Management

Research Area

Mechanism assessment of xenobiotics with body proteins. Biomarkers of body fluids and application in forensics.


Research Articles from thesis
  1. Varma, N., Singh, I., Dahiya, M. S., Ravi, V. K., & Kumar, S. (2018). Structural perturbation by arsenic triggers the aggregation of hen egg white lysozyme by promoting oligomers formation. International journal of biological macromolecules, 109, 1108-1114. doi:10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2017.11.096 
  2. Varma, N., Kukrety, H., Ravi, V. K., & Kumar, S. (2020). Bacopa monnieri inhibit hen egg white lysozyme fibrillation and help in retaining its activity at acidic condition. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics38(6), 1786-1797. doi:10.1080/07391102.2019.1617784. 
  3. Seshadri Reddy, V., Munikumar, M., Duggina, P., & Varma, N. (2019). A diagnostic test accuracy meta-analysis of maternal serum ischemia-modified albumin for detection of preeclampsia. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, 32(13), 2173-2181. doi:10.1080/14767058.2018.1427724. 
  4. Seshadri Reddy, V., Duggina, P., Vedhantam, M., Manne, M., Varma, N., & Nagaram, S. (2018). Maternal serum and fetal cord-blood ischemia-modified albumin concentrations in normal pregnancy and preeclampsia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, 31(24), 3255-3266. doi:10.1080/14767058.2017.1368480
Conference Papers
  1. Satish Kumar & Neelakant Varma. Arsenic trioxide induces structural perturbation of hen egg white lysozyme towards oligomers formation. Abstract accepted for 20th World Congress on Toxicology and Pharmacology, during May 06-07, 2019 Tokyo, Japan, Toxicol Open Access 2019, Volume 5 doi:10.4172/2476-2067-C1-009.
  1. Neelakant Varma & Satish Kumar. Pesticide induced amyloid fibril formation in HEWL. Abstract accepted for National Seminar on Environmental and Occupational Health organized at ENVIS-NIOH (National Institute of Occupational Health, ICMR), during 05-06 June 2016, Ahmedabad.

Awards / Honours / Achievements / Appreciation

UGC Junior Research Fellowship 2013, UGC Senior Research Fellowship 2016


DCF Member, The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT), USA