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36 Years

Dr. Nikunj Brahmbhatt

Designation : Senior Faculty Qualification : M.Sc. (Microbiology), M. Sc. (Biochemistry), Ph.D. (Biotechnology) Experience : 36 Years

Details of Experience

  • 28/08/2021 - Present : Senior Faculty, School of Forensic Science, NFSU, Gandhinagar Campus, Gujarat, India.
  • 04/01/1985 – 30/06/2021 : Having an experience of 36 yrs. as Assistant Director and Head of DNA Division in Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), Gujarat State. Has reported more than 10000 cases related to various sensitive DNA profiling cases like murder, gang-rape, child swapping and victim of disaster. Played a pivotal role in development of advanced DNA laboratory in DFS, Gujarat State.


Forensic Molecular Biotechnology

Book(s) Chapter(s)

  • A chapter on Forensic Biology and DNA Profiling in the book name Principles and Practices in Contemporary Forensic Sciences authored by Dr. M. S. Dahiya.


Research Paper Presentations:

Sr. No. Title Presenter/Journal Year
1 A Time Course Study on Stability of STR Loci in Blood and Semen Sample XIV All India Conference in Forensic Science, Maharashtra 2003
2 Distribution of 15 STR Loci in Gujarat Population
XIX All India Conference in Forensic Science, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2009
3 Identification of a Decomposed Body Using Y-STR DNA Markers : A Case Study XIX All India Conference in Forensic Science, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2009
4 Exoneration Through DNA : A Case Study.
Won First Prize as Best Presenter.
CFSL organized National Level Conference on
"DNA–The Decisive Evidence". Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
5 Even Sweat can Sweep the Suspicion
Paper presented in XX All India Conference in Forensic Science, Jaipur, Rajasthan - Nov. 2009
XX All India Conference in Forensic Science, Jaipur, Rajasthan 2009
6 Sister's delusion? : Identity of siblings using Allele Frequency. XXI All India Conference in Forensic Science, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 2010
7 A Simple but Efficient Method for Extraction of DNA from Costal Cartilage. XXI All India Conference in Forensic Science, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 2010
8 Recovery of Amplifiable DNA Following NaOH Treatment: A Trouble Shooter Remedy for Polymerase Inhibitor. XXII All India Conference in Forensic Science, Shrinagar –
J & K
9 DNA Profiling International Journal of Electronics, Communication & Soft Computing Science and Engineering, ISSN: 2277-9477, Volume 1,  Issue 1 2014
10 DNA – Profiling  International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) 2015
11 Performance comparison of two new generation autosomal STR multiplex systems for forensic purpose XXIV All India Conference in Forensic Science, Ahmedabad 2016
12 An application of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for identification of closely related species in cattle Journal of Emerging Technology And Innovative Research 2019
13 Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) : A Brief Review International Journal of Research & Analytical Reviews 2019
14 An application of loop mediated isothermal amplification technology in forensic science International Journal of Research In Advent Technology 2019

Awards / Honours / Achievements / Appreciation

  • Represent India as invited member of Delegation of Forensic DNA Experts at FBI-USA, sponsored by USA Government.
  • Deputed as resource person for forensic strengthening and upgradation of study syllabus at University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa, sponsored by Ghana Government.
  • Successfully participated in International DNA Proficiency Program “Asian AICEF DNA Proficiency Test” organized and conducted by GITAD, Spain & ABI-Thermofisher, USA; since year 2008 till current year.
  • Published a book of SOP guideline for Medical Officers and Police Officers named “A guideline for DNA Sample Collection”.  
  • A brief introductory book wrote title “Crime Against Women” for Women Police Officer from Nepal.

Research Guidance

  • Perform as Co-Investigator in “Plan Project – Model DNA Database of Gujarat”.
  • Guide a team of computer software programmers in development of computer software for DNA based Kinship Identification using statistical approach.