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13 Years 8 Months

Dr. Parag Shukla

Designation : Assistant Professor Qualification : Ph.D (Computer Science), M.C.A., OCP, MCP Experience : 13 Years 8 Months


Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Research Area

Mobile Forensics, Big Data Tools, Data Mining, Data Science, Web Application Security, Cyber Security


1 Book - Application Development using Android in 50 Hours, ISBN - 978-93-5346-687-9

Book(s) Chapter(s)

1 Chapter


International Journals
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National Journals
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International Conference
  1. A Study For Challenges And Site Selection Criteria Of The Data Center, International Conference Atmiya-Lincoln – 2020, Dec-20
  2. Analytical Comparison of Cloud Data Centre Services and Cost, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering - ICCRDA – 2020, Oct-2020
National Conference
  1. IDENTIFYING STUDENTS LEARNING TYPE AND PROVIDING APPROPRIATE CODING TASK FOR IMPROVEMENT IN PROGRAMMING SKILLS USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, National Conference on Use of Artificial Intelligence in Online Education Organized By Department of Statistics Saurashtra University Rajkot, 26th February-2022
  2. Big Data Analytics of E-Commerce Platform for Provision of Digital Business, NATIONAL CONFERENCE On Bigdata & Applied Computational Statistics, ORAGANIZED BY DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS SAURASHTRA UNIVERSITY, RAJKOT, Mar-2019

Research Guidance

  • Ph.D. Students 3 Pursuing
  • Master Students Dissertation Guided : 20+

Awards / Honours / Achievements / Appreciation

  1. Best Performance Awards – Institutional, Atmiya Rajkot – 2015 and 2016
  2. 3rd Best Article Award, Anand Agricultural University, Oct 2019
  3. Top Performing Mentorby NPTEL Swayam in Programming in C – 2019
  4. Top Performing Mentorby NPTEL Swayam in Python for Data Science – 2020
  5. Topper in 5% - Programming in Java – NPTEL – Swayam – April 2020
  6. Achieved Gold Medal in Java with 93% and Silver medal in Python for Data Science with 75% and Silver Medal in Programming using C with 87%.
  7. Passed NBA Accreditation and Teaching Learning in Engineering (NATE) with 72% from IIT – Apr 2020.
  8. Best Junior Researcher Faculty – Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science Rajkot, Feb-2016.
  9. Passed Oracle Performance Tuning with 100% in Oct 2008
  10. Created and Uploaded 350+ Videos on YouTube during COVID-19 Pandemic and got the 5K+ Subscribers in the last 2 years and 25000+ Hours of videos watched in the last 1 Year.
  11. Achieved 15 Badges from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle etc. Profile to verify https://www.credly.com/users/parag-shukla/badges


  1. Oracle11g Certified Professional (OCP)
  2. Oracle9i Certified Associate (OCA)
  3. Oracle Certified Java Professional
  4. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  5. IBM RAD Certified Developer
  6. IBM DB2 Certified Academic Associate
  7. 15 Badges from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle etc.
    1. Profile:https://www.credly.com/users/parag-shukla/badges
  8. Completed 40+ Online MOOC by Coursera, edX, IBM etc.


  1. ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education - Life Member)
  2. Computer Society of India - Life Member
  3. BOS Member – Computer Application Board, Atmiya University-Rajkot
  4. Academic Council Member, Atmiya University Rajkot
  5. Result Passing Board Member, Atmiya University Rajkot
  6. Institutional Research Committee Member, Wockhardt – Rajkot
  7. IAENG International Association of Engineers - Member
  8. Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (UACEE) - Member
  9. Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS), USA.  - Member
  10. European Alliance for Innovation(EAI) - Member
  11. International Institute of Data and Business Analytics (IOA) - Member
  12. Data Science Association - Member
  13. The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  14. Data Science Foundation - Member
  15. Association of Data Scientist - Member
  16. Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (UACEE) - Member

MOOC Created

Invited Talks / Expert Talk

  1. Resource Person of Knowledge Forum session on “Mobile Programming using Android” held on 1st May 2021 Organized by CSI (Computer Society of India) – Rajkot Chapter.
  2. Expert talk delivered in Online Webinar Series on “Android Application Development with Kotlin” held from 10th July to 21st August 2020 at Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar.
  3. Expert talk delivered on Application development using Android at National College – Jamnagar on 27thJan 2020
  4. Keynote Speaker in State Level Conference on “Fact, Challenges and Scope in the field of Big Data” held on 3rd Aug 2019 at NFDD Hall, Saurashtra University Organized by Shree H.N.Shukla College of IT - Rajkot.
  5. Keynote speaker in National Conference in “Recent Advancements in Computation Statistics and Data Analytics” held on 11th Mar 2018 at Department of Statistics, Saurashtra University – Rajkot
  6. Expert talk delivered on Data Warehousing and Data Mining at SSSDIT-Junagadh on 2nd Feb 2018.
  7. Expert talk on Application Development using Android at Shree M.N.Virani Science College-Rajkot on 22ndNov 2017.
  8. Expert talk on Social Media Analytics using R at Shree M.N.Virani Science College-Rajkot on 20th Nov 2017.
  9. Keynote speaker of state level conference on Practical Implementation of Real Time Big Data Analytics at Saurashtra University NFDD hall on 20th Sep 2017.
  10. Expert talk on Big Data: Social Media Analytics using R at Om College Rajkot on 16th Sep 2017.
  11. Expert talk delivered in SDP on Data Warehousing & SQL Server 2012 on 06th Mar 2017
  12. Expert talk on Data Warehousing & SQL Server 2012 at Varmora College – Wadhwan City on 8th Feb 2017.
  13. Expert talk delivered on Application development using Android at National College – Jamnagar on 4th Feb 2017
  14. Expert talk on Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Big Data at C.Z.M.G. BCA College Jamnagar on 10th Jan 2017.
  15. Keynote Speaker of Faculty Development Programme on Big Data and Hadoop at G.K. Bosamiya College – Jetpur on 01st Jan 2017.
  16. Keynote speaker of Workshop on Data Science held on 28th Nov 2016 at Department of Statistics, Saurashtra University – Rajkot
  17. Expert talk on DBMS at Aurum Engineering college – Rajkot on 09th Sep 2016.
  18. Expert talk on Search Engine Optimization at Mahila College – Dhrol on 06th Aug 2016.
  19. Key note speaker of Event on Big Data at M.N.Virani Science College-Rajkot, on 25th Feb 2016
  20. Expert talk delivered on Project Guidance and Application development using Android at Kamani Science College – Amreli on 15th Feb 2016
  21. Expert talk delivered on One Day SDP on Project Development and Application development using Android at Shree M. & N. Virani Science-Rajkot on 5th Feb 2016
  22. Expert talk delivered on Application development using Android at National College – Jamnagar on 11th Jan 2016
  23. Expert talk delivered on Fundamental of Programming using Java at SSSDIT-Junagadh on 26th Sep 2015.
  24. Expert talk delivered on Administration of SQL Server 2012 at Shree M.N. Virani Science college – Rajkot on 6th Feb 2015.
  25. Expert talk delivered on Fundamental of Database Systems at Harivandana College – Rajkot on 23rd Dec 2014.