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7 years of teaching and 3.6 years of research training

Dr. Proshanto Saha

Designation : Assistant Professor Qualification : Ph. D. Experience : 7 years of teaching and 3.6 years of research training


Cognitive Neuroscience & Forensic Psychology

Research Area

Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion and False Memory


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Journal Publications: 13
  1. Mohapatra, S., Saha., P. K. & Sharma, A. (2020). Until Tomorrow: The Behavioural and Neural Correlates of Procrastination. Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies. Accepted Manuscript for January, 2021 Issue. (UGC CARE Listed).
  2. Saha, P. K. (2019). A Critical Account on Neuropsychology of Aggression and Mental Illness.Journal ofLiberal Studies-A Bi-Annual Journal of School of Liberal Studies, PDPU, 4(2), 185-201.
  3. Patel, Z., Saha, P. K., Sharma, A. &Maniar, K. (2019). Examining the Relationship between Operational Stress, Professional Quality of Life and Coping Strategies among Police Personnel: An Empirical Investigation.  Indian Police Journal, Bureau of Police Research & Development, 66 (3), 19-30. (UGC Listed: Sr. No.: 41365, ISSN: 0537-2429). 
  4. Saha, P. K. & Thapliyal, H. (2018). Accuracy of Memory Retrieval for Familiar and Unfamiliar Face Recognition Task: An Application to Forensic Psychology Research. Ayan Journal, Vol. 6, No. 2, Pg. No. 294-311 (UGC Listed: Sr. No.-49095, ISSN: 23474491).
  5. Rodriguez, T., Saha, P. K., Pandey, V. & Dahiya, M.S. (2017). Effect of Occupational Stress on Prison Guards Personality, Cognitive Appraisal, Aggressiveness and Coping Potential: An Exploratory Study on Indian Prison System. Indian Journal of Criminology (Pg. No. 33-47), Volume 43 (1) & (2) (UGC Listed Sr. No.: 42048, ISSN: 09747249)
  6. Saha, P. K. & Shah, S. (2016). Temporal Continuity in Emotional Facial Expression and Emotional Naturalistic Scene Perception: A Behavioral Analysis. Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies.Vol. 5 No. 4. (UGC CARE Listed)
  7. Saha, P. K. & Gopalakrishnan, K. (2016).  Assessment of Empathy, Impulsivity and Aggressiveness among Juvenile Offenders and Non-offenders: An Indigenous Investigation.  Journal of Mind & Society, A Refereed Research Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 5(4), 7-15.
  8. Saha, P. K. (2016). Occupational Stress, Coping Strategies and Shiftwork Tolerance in Policing. Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies, Vol. 5 No. 2, June 2016, P. No. 31-45.(UGC CARE Listed)
  9. Kalpana, R., Dey, B. & Saha, P. K. (2015). Effect of Rajyoga Meditation on Executive Functions: Comparative Analysis between Meditators & Non-Meditators. Journal of Gorakhpur Social Scientist (Special Edition on International Yoga Day), 6(1), 22-29.
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Published Books: 2
  1. Saha, P.K. (2016). Neuropsychology of Emotional Regulation in Offenders: Theoretical Perspectives. Educational Books & Periodicals, Ahmedabad, ISBN: 978-81-932463-0-6.
  2. Saha, P.K. (2016). Forensic Psychology & It’s Applications: An Indian Perspective. Vista Publishers, Ahmedabad, ISBN: 978-93-82935-37-7.
Conference Proceedings: 2
  1. Mukherjee, M. & Saha, P. K. (2020).Effect of Perceived Cyberstalking, Cyber Security Risk Awareness (CQ-RIST) and Internet Addiction on Psychological Well-being of Young Adults. In the proceedings of 5th Annual International Cyber Psychology, Cyber therapy & Social Networking Conference, 22-24th June, 2020 (Accepted Manuscript).
  2. Singh, Indramani L., Singh, AnjuL., & Saha, Proshanto K.(2007). Monitoring performance and mental workload in anautomated system. Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg,4562/2007,978-3-540-73330-0,426-435.
Journal Supplements: 1
  1. Singh, Indramani L., & Saha, Proshanto Kr. (2009). “EEG bandwidths in automation induced complacency”. Annals of Neurosciences, An Official Journal of Indian Academy of Neurosciences, Supplement, Volume14, 2007, ISSN0972-7531, (P131,P.No.-138).
Communicated Manuscript: 2
  1. Parihar, P., Saha, P. K. & Khemchandani, E. (2021). A Systematic Review on Neurofeedback Treatment: Role of Hyperactivity, Aggression and Antisocial Behaviour in Juveniles. Manuscript submitted to International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, SAGE Publications.
  2. Raman, K., Siegert, R. J., Saha, P. K. & Krägeloh, C. U. (2020). Using Rasch analysis to explore the higher-order construct of mindfulness in a sample from India. Manuscript submitted to Mindfulness Journal, Springer Publications.

Awards / Honours / Achievements / Appreciation


2010-IBRO Alumni Best Poster Award

  • International Brain Research Organization(IBRO), 5th FAONS (Federation of Asian-Oceanian Neuroscience Societies) Congress, jointly withits XXVIII Annual Meeting Indian Academy of Neurosciences(IAN) took place in November 25-28, 2010, in Lucknow, India. Topic of the poster was "Task switching and individual differences incognitive control of attention : psychological evidences (EEG/ERP)". (PrizeMoney=$300)

Best Scientific Paper(Conference Presentation Awards)
  1. Dynamics of Human Automation Interaction : Perceived Mental Workload & Monitoring In-efficiency in an Automation Aid, ICRACS (International Conference on Recent Advances in Cognitive Science) Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, December 18–20, 2010.
  2. Psychophysiological correlates, individual differences, mental workload and flights imulation task performance. ISCSM (International Symposiumon Cognition, Stress & Mental Health), Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, India, December 14-16, 2009.
  3. Electrophysiology(EEG) of Human Monitoring Behavior in Automation-Induced Complacency. National Conference on Recent Advancements in Cognitive Science, December, 19-21, 2008, Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, India.

Research Guidance

Ph. D Students (4 enrolled), M.Phil. (+10 supervised)

Research Projects (Granted by Funding Agencies-2019-20)

Effect of Neurofeedback Intervention Training Module (NITM) on Emotional Regulation, Impulsivity and Aggression in Juvenile Offenders(Project granted from Cognitive Science Initiative (CSI), DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi, Budget=Rs.47,36,800 Lakhs Rupees, in August/December, 2019).