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6 Months

Mr. Shubham Pandey

Designation : Teaching and Research Assitant Qualification : Pursuing PhD in Law, Technology and Public Policy Experience : 6 Months


Intellectual Property law; Legal Tech

Research Area

Law and Technology; Public Policy; Data Protection; Intellectual Property Law


Peer-Reviewed, Refereed or UGC Listed Journals
  1. Transforming the Justice Delivery System in India through Innovation and Technology: Opportunities and Limitations of Integrating Technology in the Judicial System, 27(3) The Journal of Korea Association of International Association of Constitution Law (2022) (Accepted for publication)
  2. Towards Reducing Pendency of Cases at Court: Automated Case Analysis of Supreme Court Judgements in India, Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (E. Schweighofer edn.) IOS Press (2021) DOI: 10.3233/FAIA210321
  3. ‘Balancing Scales of Justice through Artificial Intelligence’ Journal of Indian Law Institute 63 JILI 208-228 (2021) http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/47850
  4. Personhood to Artificial Intelligence Robots: Lessons from the Study of Different Juristic Entities, Springer Publishers (2022) (Accepted for publication)
  5. Pandemics, Public Health and the Constitutional Obligation: Way Forward, Shaded Justice and Rights (ed. Dr. Aneesh Pillai & Dr. Pradeep Singh), Satyam Law International, New Delhi (2021) ISBN : 9789391345204
  6. ‘Government Responses during COVID-19: A Study from India’ 1(1) The Journal of Global Pandemic Network, Arcane 53-66 (2021) DOI: 10.53136/97912599443515
  7. ‘Speed Limiting Regulation of Motor Vehicles in India: Legal and Judicial Pronouncements in the light of latest amendments to Motor Vehicles Act of 1988’ Indian Journal of Transport Management 19-28 (2020)
  8. ‘An Anthropological Analysis of the Invisibility of Dalits of India in the Environmental Discourse: A Tale of Subjugation, Alienation and Resistance’ 1(12) Contemporary Voice of Dalit, SAGE Publishers 1-12 (2020)
  9.  Shifting Liability Paradigm for Contracts Concluded by Artificial Intelligence: Form Contractual Liability to Product Liability (Under review at Brics Law Journal)
Blogs and Other Articles
  1. ‘Leader of (Op)position: Role in Strengthening the Democracy’ 1(1) Bennett Journal of Legal Studies, Bennett University 3-24 (2020)
  2. ‘New India? A case for urgent transfer of public health from state to concurrent list’ Counter-View 2020 [Kindly access here at <https://www.counterview.net/2020/04/new-india-case-for-urgent-transfer-of.html>]