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Humanitarian issues bring together all people who act in good faith trying to alleviate the suffering of people in dire needs especially women, children and the elderly………Sergy Vovlov

National Forensic Sciences University has ventured into the social welfare related academic activities in addition to the forensic investigative sciences by establishing the International Centre for Humanitarian Forensics in collaboration with the ICRC, the internationally acclaimed humanitarian services organization. This centre came into existence in June 2018. Since then, the centre has organized more than a dozen programmes including international conferences, training programmes for the police, armed forces, disaster management officials, medical officers, forensic scientists, social welfare organizations and other stake holders. The centre also has introduced a novel curriculum for the post graduate diploma programme that has been developed in consultation with the internationally acclaimed experts. This specialty is the necessity in the current scenario as disasters of either natural or man-made origin are very common among the countries of South and South East Asia and also many parts of the world. To serve the affected population those are in distress, dejection and deprivation, appropriate scientific mechanism is the most prudent option. The centre provides services as a global one stop centre for such a noble cause of care provider with a scientific vigour and approach. This includes the victim identification, psycho social support to the victims in grief, socio -cultural support, and psychological support, and the facilitating the dignified management of the dead victims with scientific component. In addition to this the centre provides the service to the depressed section of the society such as women, children and elderly who are the vulnerable populations in one or the other way through abuses. The social security issues, medico-legal, medico- social perspectives are well taken care of through this expertise. To achieve this, it is contemplating to establish centre for victim identification, simulation center for professional training and the mass disaster response unit in the pipeline.