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The National Forensic Sciences University Central Library is one of the unique and largest forensic libraries in the world. The NFSU central library is a congregation of various books and journals related to Forensic Science, Forensic Pharmacy, Nanotechnology, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Management, Chemistry, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Forensic psychology, Clinical Psychology etc. Students often visit to the INFLIBNET for full access to the journal articles in various fields of research academic and interests.

About the Collections

The NFSU Central Library holds more than 6000 volumes, subscribes to most of the current journal titles and houses many non-current forensic journal titles. The library also houses one of the world’s leading forensic investigation collections, and provides access to many electronic information resources.

Accessibility & Service to Students

GFSU library members have full privileges including borrowing books, using electronic resources remotely, and requesting items GFSU intranet facility. Copying, Scanning and Printing are also part of the Learning Resource Center depending on the type of accessibility and demand. Wi-Fi internet connections backed by NKN are available to all students individually.

Access to print collections: Includes access to books, journals, reference materials, and the reserve collection.

Access to electronic resources: Access to electronic resources is available to all users physically located within the GFSU central library building.

Study space: GFSU Central library has ample study space throughout the building, as well as a user lounge equipped with computers and accessories.

Updated list of books and journals as and when required is readily available online. Ideally, each year, a number of books are ordered to help students and faculty members to abreast the new developments in respective areas of forensic research. Moreover, reading room is equipped with comfortable desks and chairs with timings from morning 08:00 hrs to evening 20:00 hrs.

Additionally, the Records Management (RM) program advises and educates GFSU faculty and staff in the management of recorded information in all formats to ensure timely access to important information resources, compliance with record keeping laws, regulations, policies, and best practices, and preservation of the historical record of GFSU central library.