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About Program

The MSc Forensic Nanotechnology programme has been designed in such a way that, it will provide fundamental knowledge on nanotechnology as well as its wide applications in different branches including Forensic Science, Biotechnology, Drug Delivery, Bio-Imaging, Catalysis, Environmental Science and Energy Harvesting. This is a unique and highly specialized research-oriented masters programs where students will gain theoretical knowledge along with in hand practice of latest nano-analytical and nano-imaging techniques and will perform innovative research projects with aim to tackle many upcoming challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century. The students will be provided internship-driven training at various industrial and academic institutions and will get opportunity in institutional consultancy works to become familiar with the real-world challenges, which will eventually support them to gets placed in various industrial sectors and will inspire them for doing innovative research.
Currently, the program offers two specialization namely

(i) Nanobiotechnology
(ii) Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

1. M.Sc. Forensic Nanotechnology with specialization in Nanobiotechnology
One of the most significant aspects of nanotechnology emerged through amalgamation with biotechnology, which employ the knowledge and techniques of biology to work in conjunction with genetics, molecular biology and cellular processes in order to develop products and services that find applications in forensic science, Pharmacy, healthcare, agriculture and environment. The world is continuously changing and change come with myriad of problems these can be addressed by using nanobiotechnology which play a vital role in developing and implementing many useful tools in the study of life.

The scope of M.Sc Forensic nanotechnology (nanobiotechnology) not only lies in forensic science but also myriad of science which made this field a silver bullet and a futuristic aid to many of the existing issues faced by the scientific community and end users of current technology.

2. M.Sc. Forensic Nanotechnology with specialization in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Nanoscience and nanotechnology deals with properties of matter and applications of materials in various domains of science and engineering. Today's scientists and engineers are finding a wide variety of tailor-made materials at the nanoscale to take advantage of their enhanced properties such as higher strength, lighter weight, enhanced optical behaviour and greater chemical reactivity than their larger-scale counterparts. It is an interdisciplinary field and makes impressive career choice for students, because of its vastness of applications. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology offers new opportunity for characterization, manipulation and transformation of materials with nanoscale dimension to explore the novel properties. It enables students and researcher to apply their knowledge to develop new functional nanomaterials, nanodevices/nanosensors fabrication, characterization and manipulation to explore the novel properties and to shape the future word.
This master’s program with specialization in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is designed to enable student to learn at the forefront of this new science, where knowledge meets innovation and imagination. It has immense opportunities in many technological areas such as Forensics, Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, Food, Fertilizers, Energy, Paints and Automobile sectors.



2 Years (4 Semester)


Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree in any discipline of Science / Pharmacy / Medicine / Engineering with minimum 55% marks (50% for SC/ST/OBC/EWS) at the qualifying examination


Course Fee

Rs. 45,000/- Per Semester + Other University fees


Number of Seats

15 Seats



The students of MSc Forensic Nanotechnology program will have good job opportunities in different industry sectors including pharmaceutical companies, forensic firms, chemical industries, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing companies, manufacturing sectors and in various research organizations. The students will also get preference for doctoral programs in India and abroad because of their research experience gained through this program which have wide application potentials.