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About Program

M. Sc. Forensic Psychology is an academic program that combines the practice of Psychology and Law. It is a field of Psychology that emphasizes on the application of Psychological Research, Theory, Clinical practices to the Legal/Criminal Justice System and experimentation in other areas of Psychology (e.g., Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology and Clinical Psychology) to the legal arena by providing consultation to other mental health professionals on clinical questions related to legal issues. The aim of this course will be to impart basic knowledge about the basic tenets of Forensic Psychology field and its role in the field of Criminal Justice System and society at large. The structure of syllabus is designed to address the issue related with crime and justice along with providing the holistic information about the psychological as well as societal challenges for forensic psychology experts. Each unit will be covered by faculty lectures, assignments and presentation by students. Additionally, students will have practical sessions in the form of laboratory experiments related to various units described in the syllabus to conduct screenings and assessments to investigate psychological disorders among criminal defendants, and to examine the mental state of criminals and to determine the susceptibility of developing psychopathological disorders that contribute to criminal tendency that would be covered in the units described in course structure.

1. To understand the basic knowledge about Forensic Psychology and its role in the field Criminal Justice System and society.
2. To understand psychological as well as societal aspects of development of offending behaviour.
3. To get oriented about possible role of technology in offending behaviour.
4. To understand usage and applications of Forensic Psychological Investigations in Justice Delivery System.
5. To get well acquainted and attain in-depth knowledge about assessment of possible antecedents of offending behaviour and investigative techniques of crime popular in the field.



2 Years (4 Semesters)


Eligibility Criteria

B.A./B.Sc.in Psychology or Science with minimum 55% marks or equivalent. (50% for SC/ST)


Course Fee

Rs. 30,000/- Per Semester + Other University fees


Number of Seats

44 Seats



After completion of this program students will be ready to serve in a Forensic set up with a predefined training. These forensic setups will include, but not limited to, Central & State Forensic Science Laboratories, Industry, Corporate and Academia.