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About Program

One of the vital strength of the School of Forensic Science is M.Sc. Forensic Science Programme. After the establishment of the National Forensic Sciences University in 2009, M Sc Forensic Science was the first programme started by the University. The Programme aims to train and transform the potential scientists to create a strong legal system for tomorrow. The programme ensures skilled scientific investigators by way of skill based training in collection, handling and analysis of evidences for the purpose of justice.

Moving away from the traditionally conceived expertise of M.Sc. Forensic Sciences such as Fingerprints, Questioned Documents , Ballistics, Speaker Recognition, Video Authentication , Analytical Chemistry, Toxicology , Explosives Serology and DNA Analysis, Forensic Science has evolved into a new arena. By that, there is a scope of extending the expertise for the various complex issues relating to any of the commonly encountered in the society to its realization. In every specialty of Forensic Sciences, there has been synergetic inclusion of the novel techniques for the easier, smoother, full proof methods of investigation for more prudent results without any flaws or the reliable ones.

In every means, the composite technology and expertise is made available to the prospective investigative experts through this specialized academic programme by means of routine practical, simulations analysis and other methods. This leads to the scope of technology dependence/reliance and authentication with the necessity for the proof and also as a hallmark.

Every Specialization has equal opportunities and employment prospects. In addition to the conventional perception of the laboratory based work, there is more scope for the experts in other sectors of authentication testing, standard or quality assessment and testing. To achieve this, students are encouraged to develop the confidence of handling such technology and its utilization to become comprehensive expert in the respective areas. In house laboratory facilities are the feeders for all their thirst of knowledge and skill development. Most of the technological marvels are available with the laboratories for the students to be more superior than their contemporaries across the globe rather than to be at par with international caliber.



2 Years (4 Semesters)


Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree in science / Forensic Science/ Medicine / Engineering / Pharmacy with at least 55% for General/OBC (NCL)/EWS category candidates, and 50% or equivalent for SC/ST and PwD category candidates.


Course Fee

Rs. 50,000/- Per Semester + Other University fees


Number of Seats

Gandhinagar - 60 Seats
Delhi - 40 Seats
Goa - 40 Seats
Bhopal - 30 Seats
Tripura - 30 Seats


Course Outline

Semester 1:

1. Introduction to Forensic science, Psychology, criminology, Law and Statistics
2. Instrumental Techniques
3. Forensic Physics and Crime Scene Management
4. Fingerprints and Questioned Documents
5. Forensic Biology and Biochemistry

Semester 2:

1. Quality Management, Narcotic Drugs, Explosives and Forensic Chemistry
2. Forensic Biology & Forensic Medicine
3. Forensic Serology & DNA Profiling
4. Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology
5. Forensic Ballistics and Computer Forensics

Semester 3:

Specialization-Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology
1. Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Drug Analysis
2. Concepts of Toxicology
3. Modern and Applied Analytical Forensic Chemistry

Specialization-Forensic Biotechnology
1. Molecular Biology & Genetics
2. Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Sciences
3. Environmental Biotechnology

Specialization-Forensic Physics
1. Advances in Physical Techniques
2. Concepts of Conventional & Modern Ballistics
3. Audio Recognition & Video Analysis

Specialization-Finger Prints & Q.D.
1. Modern Trends in Fingerprint Sciences
2. Questioned Documents & Forensic Accounting
3. Forensic Photography & Biometric Traits

Specialization-Cyber Forensics
1. Cyber Law and IRM
2. Digital Forensics
3. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Elective: Forensic Engineering/Fire Investigation/ Explosive Analysis/ Nanobiotechnology/ Forensic Voice, Multimedia Comparison And Evidence Evaluation/ ModernCryptography and Steganography

Semester 4:

1. Internship/ Dissertation



The University has full-fledged Training and Placements Cell which provides placement assistance for internship as well as job placement to the students of M Sc Forensic Science in fields of Forensic Biotechnology, Forensic Chemistry and toxicology, Forensic Physics and Ballistics, Cyber Forensics, Fingerprints and Questioned documents. The Training and Placement Cell works rigorously throughout the year, arranging placements for their students, in various organizations around the world.

Most of the students from these courses received good internship offer with stipend. Following companies visited our campus for job and / or internship placement. HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lomabart, Vedanta, Incognito and many more...