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About Program

M.Sc. Neuropsychology is an academic program for learning Psychological functions of the brain. The focus is on imparting knowledge of principles of Neuropsychological functioning of the human brain using Neuropsychological Tests & Batteries, Clinical and Research Findings, and Methods of Electrophysiological Experiments used for Assessing Neurocognitive Functions. Each unit of the syllabus will be covered by faculty lectures, assignments and presentation by students. Additionally, students will have practical sessions in the form of laboratory experiments related to various units described in the syllabus. By the time they have reached graduation, students can expect to have developed proficiency in the general practice of psychology as well as the more specialized brainbehaviour measurement methods and understanding as provided by Neuropsychologists. The program also aims to develop skills that allow students to interpret research findings and incorporate them into practice or pursue their own research studies in Neuropsychology.

1. Orientation towards the basics of Psychology and Neuroscience and its scientific principles.
2. Acquire knowledge about the various areas of Neuropsychology and its applications.
3. Deeper understanding and investigation of relationship between brain and behaviour.
4. Gain analytical and technical skills in the field of Neuropsychology.
5. Develop expertise in designing Neurocognitive paradigms and analyzing EEG/ERP signals.



2 Years (4 Semesters)


Eligibility Criteria

B.A./B.Sc.in Psychology or Science with minimum 55% marks or equivalent. (50% for SC/ST)


Course Fee

Rs. 30,000/- Per Semester + Other University fees


Number of Seats

44 Seats



After completion of the course students would have the opportunity to be placed in Brain and Cognitive Research Centers within and outside the country. Also, students might be absorbed in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Setups and Consumer Neuroscience based Marketing Firms.