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About Program

Homeland Security encompasses protection of people, services essential for their well-being and the critical infrastructure of the nation from terror attacks, natural disasters as well as major accidents. Recent terror attacks have brought in the security dimension in sharp focus to the already existing threats of other mega disasters. Accordingly, the MBA in Homeland Security, the first of its kind course, has been established in response to the nation’s growing security and safety issues as well as needs. It is designed to prepare the students to respond to the major threats and disasters by way of preparing strategy, its fool-proof implementation, refining plans, introducing technology, carrying out investigations, undertaking audits, etc., at global level, national level, Industry level as well as at any organizational level. As such, Homeland Security Graduates have avenues to share their expertise in Central - State Governments, MNCs, International NGOs, Corporate Sector and Industries.

The course strives to make the students skillful by imparting structured and practical training in wide - ranging fields essential to developing Homeland Security strategies and policies. In particular, it is aimed at preparing students to gain expertise in the fields of Internal Security Threats, Border Security Threats, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Analysis, Disaster Preparedness & Response and Intelligence Sharing to name a few. In addition, the students are also acquainted with subjects of Cyber Security, Civil and Criminal Laws, Forensic Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Economics and Entrepreneurship to develop a holistic understanding of all aspects of security. This, coupled with the comprehensive knowledge of Management fundamentals and techniques, equip the students with the necessary managerial skills to lead teams and departments, manage security setups, and, to identify and neutralize domestic as well as international threats. Exposure to such diverse subjects and unique pedagogical approach inspire students to widen their horizon on contemporary security problems. Overall, the students studying the MBA in Homeland Security Program at GFSU benefit from institutional excellence, quality teaching, faculty’s vast field experience, cutting edge skills and top management techniques, leading to huge student satisfaction.



2 Years (4 Semesters)


Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor Degree in any stream from a recognized university with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate. For reserved category, minimum 50% marks in aggregate.


Course Fee

Rs. 60,000/- Per Semester


Number of Seats

30 Seats


Course Outline

Semester – I

Paper – 1: Principles of Management
Paper – 2: Business Communication and Organizational Behaviour
Paper – 3: Financial Accounting
Paper – 4: Managerial Economics
Paper – 5: Introduction to Forensic Science and Law
Paper – 6: Fundamentals of Homeland Security

Semester – II

Paper – 1: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Paper – 2: Security Approaches in National and Global Perspective
Paper – 3: Psychology in Homeland Security
Paper – 4: Financial Crimes and Terror Funding
Paper – 5: Intelligence: Border and Maritime Security
Paper – 6: Civil and Criminal laws

Semester – III
Paper – 1: Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
Paper – 2: Disaster, Crisis and Trauma Management
Paper – 3: Role of Technology and Computers in HS
Paper – 4: Research Methodology
Paper – 5: Environmental Studies and Security Implications
Paper – 6: Critical Infrastructure Management
Paper – 7: Entrepreneurship

Semester – IV
Project / Dissertation