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5 days online Worksop on 'Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI' begins

The 5 days online Worksop on “Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI” begins on Monday 12th April, 2021. It is being organized by the School of Management Studies, National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar. This unique Workshop has received an overwhelming response as more than 200 students and researchers have registered for this event.

In the inauguration session, Prof. (Dr.) S. O. Junare, Campus Director, NFSU and Dean of the School of Management Studies-NFSU blessed the students with his words of wisdom. He emphasized on learning Power Business Intelligence is the need of the hour. He briefed about Data visualization which is collecting the data, analyze the data, presenting data, and submitting the report. He also greeted a noted speaker from Germany, Dr. Sameer Rohadia on behalf of NFSU for imparting knowledge to the students. 

The Eminent Speaker of the Workshop, Dr. Sameer Rohadia, Data Analyst & IT Trainer, BI Consultant imparted his knowledge and experience of 20 years. He gave a simple definition of Data Visualization that the presentation of quantitative information in a graphical form. He also suggested that one must have a good command of MS Excel because it is base of Data Visualization. He gave important benefits of Data Visualization. He also gave information on providing advanced analytics with the familiarity of Excel.

He also gave the practical on how to connect the Data Set with Power Business Intelligence Desktop to the students of the workshop.

The welcome speech was given by Dr. Haresh Barot, Associate Professor and Associate Dean-the School of Management Studies, NFSU and he also offered a vote of thanks of the Inauguration Session.