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Academic Year: 2021-2022
One Day Workshop on 'Getting started with Matlab and Financials Applications' organized by School of Management studies on 13th April 2022


Students of ‘MBA-Hospital & Healthcare Management’ visited Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad as a part of Study Visit on 3rd December 2021. Students gained practical insight about the facilities and managerial aspects of healthcare and hospital management. Interactive session with hospital staff along with walk-through of in-house facilities at the hospital were the major highlights of this visit. A detailed informative orientation was given by Mr. Kanan T.R. Assistant Manager, Training & Development, Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad. The students were accompanied by Dr. Ashwini Pandit, course co-coordinator for MBA-Hospital and Healthcare Management.



Training on “Forensic Auditing – through IDEA”:
School of Management Studies organised three days workshop on “Forensic Auditing” from 1st to 3rd December 2021. The workshop integrated using newer technologies and software’s to fight financial crime and helped students to have an in-depth understating of analytics which will help them to detect and prevent financial frauds much easily as compared to traditional ways. The Expert Faculty Mr. Amish Thakkar who is a CA himself and has vast experience in handling financial crimes and have worked for various government agencies also shared his experience regarding the practicalities of identifying the crimes while discussing his past cases. He shared various real time techniques in the Tool IDEA such as Benford’s law etc. to show the real time application of these techniques to identify frauds that have happened.



Five days workshop on “Financial Data Analytics using Python”
Five days workshop on “Financial Data Analytics using Python” was organised by School of Management studies for the students of MBA in Forensic Accounting during 11th to 15th December 2021.The interactive session gave the students a deep understanding about data analytics via python and about various Machine Learning Models. Mr Ankur Sharma who is a senior Data Scientist in TCS shared the basics of Machine learning using real time examples and discussed the case studies with students of data analytics and its use in taking decisions for financial perspective. The students also learned about doing prediction and learned the concept of business intelligence.



Financial Fraud Analytics – using Advance Excel
School of Management Studies conducted a 2-day workshop on “Financial Fraud Analytics” during 16th & 17th December 2021, for the students of MBA in Forensic Accounting. The workshop was conducted by industry experts who made the students aware of various financial functions as well as effective ways to analyze data in order to identify and prevent financial fraud. The Expert Mr. Nirav Kankrecha who is a CA shared various case studies with students ranging from basics to advanced and taught them to use various tools like pivot tables, duplication etc. to find anomalies in data and check for red flags. He discussed various case studies which were related to financial frauds and taught them about handling the data before putting it for analysis.


Workshop on Data Analytics using “ACL Analytics”

The students of MBA in Forensic Accounting went through a two-day workshop on Data Analytics using ACL Software; organized by the School of Management Studies during 22nd & 23rd December, 2021. It equipped the students with the knowledge on the usage of the software and helped them in integrating this understanding while identifying and preventing financial fraud. The Instructor Ms Bhavika introduced the ACL tools to students and taught them the use of the tool to analyze financial data to identify red flags in data. She also introduced the students with various certificate levels of ACL as MBA students can earn the 3 Certificate for free after giving the required test add them in their resume as part of their learnings.


Workshop on “Financial Fraud Investigation using Digital Forensics”

School of Management Studies conducted a 2 day workshop during 27th and 28th of December 2021, for the students of MBA in Forensic Accounting on “Financial Analytics via Digital Forensics”. The workshop made the students aware of how one can gather and extract data from various digital devices, analyze and interpret it in their fight against financial frauds. The Expert Mr. Sachin Dadiya who is the CEO of company SKYNET and has been working alongside with various police agencies taught students about various techniques to identify the digital frauds, including dark web, retravel of lost data and imaging of Drives. He shared various tools which comes handy in investigation and shared the details regarding various cases he has solves in past with help of various investigative agencies.



Webinar was organized by NFSU to commemorate the ‘National Press Day’
A webinar was organized by National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar on 16th November 2021 to commemorate the National Press Day. The topic of the webinar was 'Challenges in Journalism'. Dr. Brajesh Kumar Singh, Managing Editor, Network 18 Group, was the keynote speaker and Dr. J. M. Vyas, Vice-Chancellor, NFSU delivered the presidential address.Dr. Brajesh Kumar Singh, Managing Editor, Network 18 Group said that one of the major challenges of journalism is the fake news. Currently, with the sudden spurt of fake news, the role of Forensic Journalism will be important and decisive to detect the origin of viral videos as well.  In the end, Prof. (Dr.) S. O. Junare, Campus Director, NFSU gave a vote of thanks and wished the students every success in life.


Academic Year: 2020-2021
The School of Management Studies organized a webinar on “Analytical Techniques for Fraud detection” on 4th March 2021 as a part of webinar series on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation. The purpose of this webinar was to enhance the skills and knowledge of students and make them familiar with the current global trends.

Ms. Melisa Dardani, Managing Director of MAcc Advisory, USA, shared her expertise and knowledge with the students. She explained to the students about the latest Softwares that are used in fraud detection and data analysis. She focused on showing examples related to industries and the latest tools and techniques which are used in corporate sector. The webinar ended with her addressing the student’s queries.


The School of Management Studies organized a webinar on “Fraud triangle and Prevention of Fraud” as a part of webinar series on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation. The purpose of this webinar was familiarising the students with the basic concepts of fraud that forms the crux for understanding fraud investigation and its implementation in forensic accounting.

It was conducted by the Campus Director, Dr S. O. Junare, who is also the dean of School of Management Studies. He has vast experience in forensic investigation focusing into forensic accounting.  He started off with explaining some of the types of frauds and went on to give a detailed explanation on the fraud triangle. He also helped identify certain red flags as well the methods of proof. This helped students to get an in-depth knowledge about the basics when it comes to fraud investigation and forensic accounting. This helps students understand the applicability of their core subjects and will help them understand its usage in crime fighting.


The School of Management Studies organized a 5 days’ workshop on “Data Visualisation with Microsoft Power BI”. The purpose of this workshop was familiarising the students with the concept of Data visualization and Microsoft Power BI attesting practical knowledge of the two.

Dr Sameer Rohadia is a Microsoft Certified Power BI trainer and Data analyst. The workshop started with Dr Sameer telling the history of data visualization and the importance of data cleaning. He then showed the students the various ways of data cleaning, processing and analysing with end results in the form of graphs and charts. It dealt with incorporation of Microsoft Power BI in data representation. It provided a first-hand experience to students in terms of utilisation of the software and the practical session helped the students to familiarise with the software and ensured that they were accustomed to the platform and its various functionalities. The participants also received certificates for their participation.


School of management studies organised a webinar on “Fundamentals of hospital quality in the time of pandemic” as a part of webinar series for students of MBA Hospital & Healthcare management. The key speaker for the webinar was Major (Dr.) Sanjay Dalsania,regional quality head, Apollo hospital enterprise, limited, Ahmedabad. The highlights of webinar included various interventions followed by the hospitals in these difficult times. The insight on patient centric care during covid was provided too. The event was coordinated by Dr. Ashwini Pandit, Assistant professor, School of Management Studies.



A webinar was organized by the School of Management Studies on "Hospital Planning and Project Management" whereby the keynote speaker was Mr. Yash Patel, General Manager of Span Hospital, who is not only skilled in healthcare administration but has also managed several projects and hospital facilities in Ahmedabad area. Mr. Patel proved to be an abundant source of knowledge to the students as he shared the challenges faced by the industry during Covid-19 pandemic, and also laid down the possible solutions based on his personal experience. The event was coordinated by Ms. Aanika Christian, Assistant Professor, School of Management Studies.



A first of its kind “Language Lab” was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. J. M. Vyas, at the National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar. On this occasion, Campus Director Prof. (Dr.) S. O. Junare, Executive Registrar Shri. C. D. Jadeja, Dean of various schools and other faculty members were also present.

The language lab at NFSU plays its role acting as a bridge helping students to actively participate in language learning exercise and to get more practice of the leading languages of the world like English, French, German and Mandarin. It also helps students to compete globally as well as eradicate the language barriers that act as a hindrance for students to take up the opportunities outside their homeland.

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor addressed the gathering and said that “The first and unique language lab” at NFSU will certainly play an important role in keeping pace with the global trends for the progress of the students.