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(i)   It will promote teaching and research to achieve excellence in the field of forensic science in association with applied behavioural science, law, criminology and other allied areas.
(ii)  It will conduct innovative experiments and develop new methods and technologies in the field of science, technology and management in relation to the domains of investigation, prevention and detection of crimes. 
(iii) It will provide training, skill-development, research and extension of work in forensic science, applied behavioural science, law, legal studies, criminology to all the stakeholders of the criminal justice delivery system of India and abroad.
(iv) The status of INI will increase its national and global outreach and will be able to provide more services related to academic, research, training and consultancy in forensic and allied sciences.
(v)  In order to create skilled manpower in the field of criminal investigation, national status will accommodate students across the country without any discrimination.